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Actiondesk is made for you. Actiondesk connects to your SaaS & databases so you can work on your data live.




What You Can Do With Actiondesk.

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  • Shopify Main KPIs Report
  • Delivery operations Dashboard
  • Easily view, explore and filter your database's data - in a spreadsheet interface
  • Cohort retention rate - ecommerce
  • Monthly KPIs for e-commerce
  • Find key metrics per customer segment
  • User Stickiness Dashboard (DAU/MAU and DAU/WAU)
  • Acquisition Cohort analysis
  • Paid Ad Spent vs Budgeted by Channel
  • Easily view, explore and filter your database's data - in a spreadsheet interface
  • Google Analytics Events Report
  • Time to respond to Client for Support Team
  • Customer Support KPI Dashboard
  • NPS User Feedback Report
  • Cohort retention rate - ecommerce
  • Business Spending Budget Tracker
  • MRR Dashboard for SaaS
  • Number of deals and amount by stage
  • List Slipping Away Users


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App description

Actiondesk is a Workflow Automation Software that enables users to build powerful automation with only their spreadsheets. They can simply type formulas in cells and connect to services along with trigger actions. Powerful workflow automation can be built in minutes, eliminating the need to follow up and collaborate with every team member. Developers and technical team members do not have to write scripts and piping data and can instead focus on more strategic development tasks. Users can import data from any source, including a database, warehouse, or any SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesk, Stripe, etc. Popular use cases of Actiondesk include refund requests in Stripe, Zendesk tickets for late orders, Jira tickets in the case of bugs, and emails during unexpected user behaviours. Users can increase their NPS and retention, while also scheduling calls when customer activities increase. Sales reps can receive KPIs as notes and custom fields with automated reminders about customer movement in funnels.