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With Kapwing, you can record, edit, and collaborate on video in a single intuitive tool. Spend less time editing, and more time sharing your content.


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For Teams

Flat-rate Pricing
per month
$0 paid yearly
Flat-rate Pricing
per month
$192 paid yearly
Flat-rate Pricing
per month
$192 paid yearly


  • No watermarks on images
  • No watermarks on videos under 5 minutes
  • 250MB file upload limit
  • Export videos up to 30 minutes long
  • Publish up to 3 hours of video per month
  • Edit and store content up to 2 days old
  • Transcribe up to 10 minutes of video
  • Access to all tools


  • All prior features, plus...
  • No watermarks
  • 6GB file upload limit
  • Export videos up to 1 hour long
  • Edit and store all content
  • Download SRT files
  • Make content private
  • Upload custom fonts
  • Export in 1080p resolution
  • Unrestricted video transcriptions
  • Access to all tools and premium features


  • All prior features, plus...
  • Consolidated billing
  • Unlimited users
  • Priority support
  • Purchase and provision unlimited licenses


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App description

Kapwing is an online tool for editing images, GIFs and videos which can additionally function as a meme generator. Useful for trimming videos and even adding subtitles, Kapwing can be used by anyone who has at least an idea of video production. With Kapwing, you are able to edit your videos as much as your creativity allows. Videos can be looped, resized, trimmed and filtered. You can also add audio to video and adjust it for the perfect sync, images can also be converted to videos and can be watermarked. Kapwing is also able to make slideshows and montages. Kapwing’s major selling point is how easy it can be used, since it is suitable for both amateur and professional video producers. Kapwing provides an option to share your videos after working on them, to other sites like YouTube etc. Kapwing is easy to install and can be used by almost anyone to perform their tasks in just a few clicks. It is accessible on both Android and iOS mobile devices and on computers too.