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The spend management solution that gives you the credit you need and the software to manage it. With Divvy, you’ll never go over budget again.




The Divvy Platform is free to use to manage budgets, expenses, physical and virtual cards, and so much more.

Flat-rate Pricing
per month
$0 paid yearly


  • Cards for all
  • Enforceable budgets
  • Dispute resolution
  • Simple reimbursements
  • Business credit you’ll love
  • Instant categorization
  • Spend notifications
  • Live transaction dashboard
  • Secure virtual cards
  • Seamless integrations
  • Easy card management
  • Transaction review


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App description

Divvy is a finance management solution that is ideal for all types of enterprises and individuals in order to make financing easier and affordable for them. Divvy makes it easier to manage physical and virtual cards for a number of customers. It eliminates the need for a reconciliation process that is month-end based. Users can track everything in one place, in one account. Divvy is used for management solutions that give you the credits you need and the software to manage it. With Divvy, you will never go over budget and will make optimum utilization. Divvy is crafted for users to achieve financial wellness with budgeting and future visibility. With Divvy, users can eliminate manual processes, get real time visibility, and can easily pay attention to expert-level priorities, like budget forecasting, transactions can be easily monitored live, and also users can submit reimbursements directly in Divvy. At Divvy, they charge you the least and solely focus on managing your finances. They aim at putting an end to your need of buying higher amounts to the experts, and taking control of your budgets, and also managing your invoices and accounts.