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Magic Sales Bot

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Magic Sales Bot

Write high-converting outreach by letting us monitor your accounts for opportunities to reach out.


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Flat-rate Pricing
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App description

Magic Sales Bot makes cold email 2x more likely to land meetings by monitoring your accounts for the perfect time to reach out. rigger-based emails are possible when you have visibility into your prospect's hiring, funding, news, and other important events. We make it easy to stay on top of. Instead of carpet-bombing your account list, let us tell you which companies are experiencing change. Then, use it in your outreach for a higher likelihood of response. We monitor your accounts for news and funding, and we monitor your preferred titles at the companies themselves. This way, you'll have macro and micro level reasons to reach out. With every signal, we grab the contact information of the relevant person and of any prospects in your target role. You're a few clicks from signal to sent email, meaning you'll be prospecting faster than ever before. With daily monitoring and digests, your latest batch of signals will be in your inbox before you're at work for the day. Knocking out prospecting first-thing will be a breeze! You'll book more meetings or your money back, no questions asked.