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Write and produce your show together, in real-time, from anywhere.


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For hobbyists, students, writing partnerships and side projects.

Small-Budget New Media

Everything you need to run your show.

Large-Budget TV & Film

Our highest level of service for premium shows.

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  • Free for up to 3 collaborators
  • Unlimited scripts and folders, all in one searchable place
  • Live collaboration
  • Comments and threads
  • Revision tracking
  • Export to PDF/Fountain/Final Draft
  • Upgrade when your pilot gets picked up, and hit the ground running


  • All prior features, plus...
  • Unlimited users in your project
  • Studio TV timing with a customizable read rate
  • Prompter and rundown exports
  • Character reports
  • Slug and element numbering
  • Page locking
  • Live chat support


  • All prior features, plus...
  • Full integration with industry-standard teleprompter systems
  • Advanced permissions and access control
  • 24/7 support
  • Training by our Emmy-winning staff that has onboarded eventual Emmy-winners


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App description

The Engine of Emmy-Winning Variety & Talk Shows. Write with others in the same script at the same time, with automatic industry-standard formatting. You deserve better than Google Docs! Track produced elements like graphics and footage as they are created, deleted, or revised — without waiting for a phone call or an email. We promise: Less email. Threaded comments let you make notes, share feedback, or pitch alt jokes that won't get lost in crosstalk. See what's been added (or removed) in each new draft, then send a link to the report or a PDF with revision asterisks. Revert to a previous version if you ever overdo it. Our script timer uses a customizable speaking rate, segment breakdowns, and media clip tracking to calculate the estimated running time of your show down to the second. Send scripts directly to a teleprompter with the click of a button. Scripto automatically filters your script for what needs to be prompted, saving the prompter operator from manual cleanup at crunch time. Scripted shows using the industry-standard screenplay format can now have true collaboration in the writers room. It's also great for pre-taped sketches at variety shows.