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The most comprehensive text message marketing solution.




Create customer-first connections with personalized text messaging.

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  • Scale with our playbook
  • Grow your list 3x+ faster
  • Target the right audience
  • Drive 10x+ more revenue
  • Integrate seamlessly
  • Compliance & deliverability


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App description

Attentive is a virtual test message marketing platform that enables you to send personalized mobile messages in order to increase your digital income. It offers personalized text messaging that allows you to focus on your customers and scale your SMS and email subscriber list more efficiently than any other option. With useful first-party data, you can better understand your audience and provide targeted messages that motivate them to take action. You can engage your mobile users and experience better outcomes per message than you would with only email. You can connect Attentive to the rest of your technological stack to increase its value and construct a profit-generating SMS advertising campaign with confidence, keeping compliance in mind. With strategic advice and resources, you can easily assess and improve the effectiveness of your brand's mobile messaging campaign. You can consolidate customer data across all of your marketing systems to scale 1:1 cross-channel communications and create a single customer view. Using the Attentive API, you can create custom integrations to streamline your operations and improve your marketing initiatives.