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Your all-in-one  product research  platform.


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For startups and small businesses, looking to start collecting insights today. No credit card required.


For companies looking to fuel their growth with more insights from more people.


For companies growing quickly or already at scale who want advanced customization and security.

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$0 paid yearly
Usage-based Pricing
per month (starting)
paid monthly
Usage-based Pricing
Upon request
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  • Access to up to 5k monthly tracked visitors
  • Web, iOS, Android, and link microsurvey delivery
  • Unlimited custom attributes and events
  • Full template gallery
  • Insights dashboard


  • All prior features, plus...
  • Open-ended text analysis
  • Email microsurvey delivery
  • Additional active surveys


  • All prior features, plus...
  • Unlimited open-end text analysis
  • Customized microsurvey design
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) and Data export API


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App description

Sprig is a versatile product research platform that enables you to capture real-time information from your consumers, with video interviews, idea testing, and microsurveys. It enables learning from your clients quickly and easily throughout every level of development. With Sprig, you can save the effort of hiring, arranging, and performing individual user interviews by recording your interview questions and identifying your target audience. You can hear the participant’s tone of voice and see their facial expressions. You can also get transcripts of each interview that have been automatically evaluated. Sprig provides easy-to-understand user insights at every step of development and its comprehensive approach to research gives in-depth insights within hours, rather than weeks of gathering and evaluating data. You can collect input from your consumers before launching your new idea, design, and/or message by doing quick and remote concept testing with Sprig. You can improve your product and acquisition funnels by surfacing user information through in-product, email, or link microsurveys. Additionally, you can conduct research with individual consumers at specified times, resulting in hyper-relevant feedback, greater response rates, and increased data confidence with Sprig.