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Strapi Self-Hosted

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Strapi is the leading open-source headless CMS. It’s 100% JavaScript, fully customizable and developer-first.


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  • Open-Source under MIT License
  • REST & GraphQL API
  • Highly Flexible Content Structure
  • Powerful Content Management
  • Infinite Customization Capabilities
  • Unlimited Usage (Entries, API calls, Assets, etc.)
  • Unlimited locales
  • Up to 3 default roles
  • Community Support


  • All prior features, plus...
  • Custom roles
  • Billing & License support


  • All prior features, plus...
  • Guidance & Assistance
  • Customer Success Manager


  • All prior features, plus...
  • Single Sign-On
  • Technical support with SLAs
  • Technical onboarding


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App description

Strapi is an open-source headless CMS coded in JavaScript. Being open-source, it is a developer-focused software and completely customizable. It enables easy development of self-hosted APIs, which again are customizable as well. This enables the extension of content management with custom plugins without any hassle. The APIs, in turn, can be consumed from any client, be it React, Vue, or Angular. Developers can use the software's easy-to-use editor, upload images and videos, crop multimedia, and much more without losing quality. They can also edit and manage the created content working in a team irrespective of the industry, location, channels, and devices. Strapi's efficient application building platform allows developers to integrate the services of any third party software vendor and connect to any framework as needed. The self-hosting option gives the users complete control over data privacy and costs all the time. Strapi also has a partnership with several top hosting platforms that facilitates smooth deployment of content and that too within a click. Teams can even connect their preferred databases, static site generators, or frontend framework. All these features and services make Strapi an all-in-one tool to create highly optimized websites and apps.