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Mixpanel can read directly from any data lake. No need to install SDKs or build processes to send us data.


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100K monthly tracked users


  • Unlimited data history & seats
  • Core reports (including Flows)
  • Data dictionary
  • US or EU data residency
  • Monitoring & alerts


  • All prior features, plus...
  • Unlimited saved reports & cohorts
  • Impact report with causal inference
  • Data modeling
  • Group Analytics & Data Pipelines add-ons
  • Legendary email support


  • All prior features, plus...
  • Advanced access controls
  • Experiments & Signal reports
  • SSO & automated provisioning
  • Seasonal & events-based pricing
  • Dedicated customer success


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App description

An effective web analytics platform with all essential features to easily understand every users journey in your website. It has engagement feature to measure the actions taken by the visitors in your application. It also has machine learning which stops data mining and act on insights instantly. In addition, it has funnel feature that helps you to identify where and why you losing your customers. Using this platform, you can unify all your data sources and can easily discover your visitor behaviours. It allows you to send push notifications to your customer in order to increase customer engagement and revenue.