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Revenue automation products that automatically reduce cancellations, optimize pricing, and give you accurate, free revenue reporting.


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All the financial and revenue operations metrics you need - absolutely accurate and 100% free.


Looking for more customization and support? Our enterprise plan has you covered.

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  • Growth, revenue, retention, and churn trends
  • Mobile app with intelligent alerting
  • Unit economics, usage data, and cohorts
  • Native in and out integrations, or use our APIs
  • Benchmarks from 15k+ subscription companies
  • Segmentation enriched with Clearbit and Full Contact
  • 5-minute setup (yes, even with Zuora)
  • World class support - most answers within 24 hours


  • All prior features, plus...
  • Custom reports and calculations
  • Priority ingestion and data flow
  • User management, security audits, and staging support
  • Tailored SLAs and dedicated subscription analyst


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App description

Increasing the number of subscribers is challenging work, and tracking the customer's activity seems to be an extra burden after managing the underlying business. ProfitWell helps the business owner keep track of all the activities of subscribers so that the owner can concentrate on the growth of underlying core business operations. ProfitWell takes care of all the aspects related to subscribers and subscription growth. This site provides an accurate report of the subscriptions and helps deduce pricing strategy by analyzing the previous subscription details. ProfitWell is so featured that it can provide notification to the owner in credit card failure payments. Reports generated by this site identify the more decisive aspects of the underlying business and identify the improvement provisions. As an additional charm, this site is featured to identify old customers and helps them to get back to the company service. ProfitWell identifies the opportunities to upgrade monthly subscribers to quarterly and yearly plans. Users should avail of the service of ProfitWell as it is easy to handle and also available in mobile applications.