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UserZoom's software and services helps digital teams understand, manage, and measure UX to create products customers love.


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For individuals & small businesses that need more efficiency.


For teams that need maximum efficiency.


For medium and large organizations that need more service, SSO, and security.


For medium and large organizations that also need bundled recruiting costs.

Flat-rate Pricing
per month
$6,000 paid yearly
Flat-rate Pricing
per month
$12,000 paid yearly
Flat-rate Pricing
Upon request
(yearly billing)
Flat-rate Pricing
Upon request
(yearly billing)


  • 2 researcher seats
  • Unlimited collaborator seats
  • 40 Studies/year
  • Self-service support, purchase online
  • Moderated and unmoderated testing
  • Unlimited testing with your own users
  • Easily create & share video clips
  • Flags, hashtags, @mentions and timestamped notes for faster analysis
  • Test native apps without code or SDK


  • All prior features, plus...
  • 3 researcher seats
  • 60 Studies/year
  • Video transcriptions
  • Create highlight reels
  • Slack integration
  • Automate screening, scheduling, and confirmations for moderated testing


  • All prior features, plus...
  • 6 researcher seats
  • Unlimited studies/year
  • Configure package to meet your needs. With SSO and custom security review


  • All prior features, plus...
  • Custom seats including unmoderated recruiting
  • Custom studies/year


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App description

One solution to start, scale or advance your experience insights practice. Wherever you are in your journey, UserZoom flexibly meets your needs. UX, Product, and Design leaders recognize that good experiences impact the bottom line, but it’s hard for them to quantify the performance of UX. It’s possible to have a single, standardized measure that reflects both users' attitudes and behaviors, which makes it easy for leaders to evaluate UX performance. Make confident decisions throughout product development. Continuously test and validate to keep up with the pace of design and development. For Enterprises that need to scale collection and analysis of UX insights across digital teams. UserZoom is the only UX insights solution for quick design iteration, user-focused product decisions, and measuring UX performance.