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Outreach is an integrated sales engagement platform that helps sales reps and leaders increase productivity, generate more sales opportunities, and beat your sales goals.




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  • Account engagement status
  • Persona-based sequences
  • Account-based playbooks
  • Centralized prospecting
  • Automated and personalized email campaigns
  • Integrated sales intelligence
  • Automated inbound lead handling
  • Customizable lead workflows
  • Deep Integration with CRM and marketing automation
  • Meeting scheduling, follow-up and no show rescheduling
  • Opportunity engagement and management
  • Voice, email, social and text
  • Onboarding and adoption sequences
  • Health campaigns triggered by defined risk factors
  • Automated renewal campaigns
  • Expansion opportunity alerts and sequences
  • Candidate management
  • Personalized email campaigns


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App description

Outreach is one of the leading sales engagement apps. It delivers insights and performance resulting in client satisfaction and acceleration of revenue. Outreach boosts the productivity of sales teams by prioritizing and automating all customer touchpoints throughout the sales process, empowering them to book more meetings, drive more pipeline and exceed revenue growth. Outreach provides an integrated view of all prospect-related information by placing actionable data intelligence at the fingertips of sales representatives. Every year, thousands of customers rely on Outreach to improve collaboration between sales and marketing and transform the sales process. A unique feature of Outreach is the email and call sequencing where the dashboard shows sequences that help sales reps to monitor and understand their campaign status whether they are using cold calling or email as a technique. The coaching analytics feature of outreach is another interesting feature that allows sales managers to review the performance of their sales reps and determine whose performance is the best from top to bottom. Some of its other features include Salesforce integration, data management, lead scoring and many more.