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The open source Calendly alternative. You are in charge of your own data, workflow and appearance.


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Perfect to get started for basic scheduling needs. Get your free link, forever. Upgrade at any time.


Get started immediately with all pro features and integrations. Receive best-in-class support for troubleshooting.


Leverage the Cal. Com API, components, enterprise features and calendar integrations to power your entire business.

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  • 1 Event Type
  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • CalDav
  • Freemium integrations


  • All prior features, plus...
  • Unlimited Event types
  • Remove Branding
  • Cal Video Conferencing
  • Team Pages
  • Premium integrations


  • All prior features, plus...
  • 50 monthly active calendar integrations


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App description

Cal.com (formerly Calendso) is an 100% white label used to control events, customer data, workflow and costs. The software offers button application to communicate action and direct user intent. The icons and colors of an alert indicate the type and urgency of the message. Integrate Cal with Google Calendar, Zoom, Stripe Payments, and more. For most teams, scheduling is a core part of the product. We get rid of any design restrictions that come with alternatives. You are in control of your events, customer data, workflow and costs. The open core of Cal.com offers you to make or request changes quickly. Integrate Cal with your platform using our open API, built in customisation options and range of embed options. Perfect as infrastructure. Cal.com is a HIPAA, DSGVO, GDPR and CCPA compliant calendly alternative that also runs on AWS GovCloud or Google Cloud for Goverment.