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PostHog Cloud

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Analytics with autocapture, session recordings, feature flags, heatmaps and more. In a single product you can host yourself.

PostHog Cloud


PostHog Cloud

Turnkey, hosted solution.

Usage-based Pricing
per month (starting)
$0 paid yearly

Up to 10,000 events


  • Funnels & trends
  • Feature flags
  • Cohorts & retention
  • Session recordings
  • Path analysis
  • Hosted by PostHog
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Community Slack support


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App description

One platform for product analytics, funnel analysis, session recording, feature flags & more. Plus cohorts, user paths, retention, & synced annotations across every view in the platform. Reliably ingest data at any scale to build a holistic view of your customers. Push from a data warehouse from BigQuery, Snowflake, S3 or Redshift. In-product usage Libraries for JavaScript, server-side and mobile SDKs, built and maintained by PostHog. Integrate your ecosystem PostHog plugins pipe data between your stack.