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Collaborate, manage projects, and reach new productivity peaks. From high rises to the home office, the way your team works is unique accomplish it all with Trello.


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For individuals and teams looking to be more productive.


For teams that need to manage more work and scale collaboration.


Best for teams up to 100 that need to track multiple projects and visualize work in a variety of ways.


For organizations that need to connect work across teams with more security and controls.

Per-user Pricing
per user per month
$0 paid yearly
Per-user Pricing
per user per month
$60 paid yearly
Per-user Pricing
per user per month
$156 paid yearly
Per-user Pricing
per user per month
$210 paid yearly


  • Unlimited cards
  • Unlimited members
  • Up to 10 boards
  • 1 Power-Up per board
  • Unlimited storage (10MB/file)
  • 50 automated command runs per month
  • Unlimited activity log
  • Assignee and due dates
  • IOS and Android mobile apps
  • 2-factor authentication


  • All prior features, plus...
  • Unlimited boards
  • Advanced checklists
  • Custom Fields
  • Unlimited storage (250MB/file)
  • 1,000 Workspace command runs per month
  • Single board guests


  • All prior features, plus...
  • Dashboard view
  • Timeline view
  • Workspace Table view
  • Calendar view
  • Map view
  • Unlimited Workspace command runs
  • Admin and security features
  • Workspace-level templates
  • Collections
  • Observers
  • Saved searches
  • Priority support
  • Google Apps sign-on
  • Simple data export


  • All prior features, plus...
  • Organization wide permissions
  • Organization visible boards
  • Public board management
  • Multi-board guests
  • Attachment permissions
  • Power-Up administration


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App description

Organizes your projects and day-to-day tasks through creating notecards on dashboard. The software can also be used as a trip planner, a side project, a community bulletin, an event or an idea repository. Tasks and ideas can be noted on the Trello cards. Alongside, the work progress can also be tracked. The user can sort and organize these cards based upon their categories. A quick overview is displayed on the front of the cards, flipping which, the user can dive into more detailed information such as checklists, due dates, comments, attachments etc. There is a progress meter that adds a checklist to organize your to-do list. You can also attach documents and multimedia files to the cards.