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1 min readWhat is SaaS?

Dom Marrone

SaaS is an acronym for Software as a Service.

Uh, okay... well, what does Software as a Service mean?

Great question. Software as a Service is a catch-all term for software that you pay for with a subscription and access via a web browser or by downloading an app. Netflix is technically software... as a service. You pay a $9.99 per month subscription to access their app and use their service.

Business apps, not SaaS

At AppCity, we think SaaS is confusing. What the hell does Software as a Service even mean? Also, SaaS can mean consumer (Netflix) or business software (QuickBooks). Confusing. So, that's why we use business apps instead.

Business Apps: software apps you use to run your business. Simple.

Business apps in a nutshell

When starting a business today, you are likely going to use at least one business app. In fact, it's not uncommon to use 10-20 apps. While that's a lot, each app can help outsource or automate tasks that you would otherwise need to hire for. These apps enable a company to run with 5 people instead of 20. For example, business apps can simplify or automate your accounting, enable you to build your website, keep track of sales, and much more.

Common categories of apps you might come across include:

This is barely scratching the surface. Whether you want to start a podcast or a local interior design firm, business apps are the fastest way to get started.

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